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Our 2016-2017 Membership form can be viewed here.

You can view our bylaws here.

To Request Membership Directories from previous years, please email the SEC secretary here.

Current Season (2016-2017)

Presentation by Jacob L. Vigdor, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington: Initial Findings of the Seattle Minimum Wage Study (June 2017)
- 2017 Seattle Minimum Wage (PDF Presentation)
- The Minimum Wage Study Updates on the study and latest reports and findings.

Presentation by Michael Lazarus, Stockholm Environment Institute - US, Seattle: New Tools for Economic and Financial Decision-Making on Climate Change (May 2017)
- 2017 New Tools for Decision Making On Climate Change (PDF Presentation)

Presentation by Dick Conway, Dick Conway & Associates:  Forty Years of Prediction Errors (April 2017)
2017 Prediction Error (PDF Presentation)
Washington Tax System Dysfunction and Reform Washington has the most regressive tax system in the nation that is both inadequate and unfair, a proposal from Dick Conway on how to fix it.
Funding Basic Education How Washington failed to fund basic education and how we can fix it.

Presentation by Guy Yollin, Data Science Consultant at Milliman:  Overview of Big Data, Analytics and Data Science in Insurance (March 2017)
2017 Big Data Analytics (PDF Presentation)

Presentation by Brian McCarten, Executive Director of Finance and Information Technology at Sound Transit:  Sound Transit Project Evaluation and Financing (February 2017)

Presentation by Katie Bardaro, Vice-President of Data Analytics and Lead Economist at PayScale:  Gender Wage Gap (November 2016)
2016 Gender Wage Gap (PDF Presentation)

Presentation by Dr. Skylar Olsen, Senior Economist at Zillow: Housing After the Storm and Into the Future (December 2016)
2016 Housing After the Storm (PDF Presentation)
How the Housing Bust Widened the Rich-Poor Gap (Assignment of Foreclosed homes to Tiers - Based on Peak of the Housing Bubble in 2007 - Impact of Foreclosure on Home Value did not Influence Tier Assignment)
Is Your City Building Enough Housing? (Background and Methodology for slide 28 in the presentation)


Presentation by Dr. Arun Raha, Washington State Chief Economist (November 2011 meeting)
- Economic Outlook

Presentation by Ms. Mary McWilliams, Puget Sound Health Alliance (February 2012 Meeting)
- Health Care in the US
Presentation by Riley Moore, St. Martin's University and Lizbeth Martin-Mahar, Economic Consulting Group LLC (May 2012 Meeting)

Presentation by Dr. WIlliam Beyers, University of Washington Department of Geography (June 2012 Meeting)

Presentation by Dr. Steve Lerch, Chief Economist for the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council (October 2012 Meeting)

Regional Economic Analysis Project, Presented by Gary Smith (November 2012 Meeting)

Presentation by Matthew Gardner, Real Estate Forecast for the Emerald City (December 2012 Meeting)

Presentation by Dick Conway, The Great Depression and the Great Recession: Two Peas in a Pod (March 2013 Meeting)
Follow Up Paper Published November 2014

Presentation by Dan O'Neal, A Discussion on Transportation (April 2013 Meeting)

Presentation by Matthew Gardner, What Will 2014 Hold for the Regions Real Estate Markets? (December 2013 Meeting)

Presentation by Spencer Cohen, The Impact of the Aerospace Industry in Washington State (February 2014 Meeting)
- Mr. Cohen's report and email to provide him with comments.

Presentation by John Burbank, More Chutes then Ladders, Economic Mobility Down and Up in Washington (May 2014 Meeting)
- Economic Mobility in Washington

Presentation by Dr. Skylar Olsen, Millennials, Rents, and Mortgages: Challenges for the Future (November 2014 Meeting)

Presentation by Eric Swenson, 2015 Economic and Revenue Outlook (December 2014 Meeting)

Presentation by Dr. William Beyers, Self Employment in the United States, An Under-Researched Topic  (February 2015 Meeting)

Presentation by Dr. Dick Conway, Washington State and Local Tax System: Dysfunction and Reform (March 2015 Meeting)

Presentation by Dr. Eric Zivot, Modeling Risk and Return for Hedge Funds and Fund of Hedge Funds (December 2015 Meeting)

Presentation by Dr. Bernard Weinstein, Sheiks vs Shale:  The New Economic Realities of Oil and Gas and Their Impacts on America's Energy Industry (February 2016 Meeting)

Presentation by Celeste Gilman, UW Commute Programs: 25 Years of Experience, Success, and Lessons Learned (March 2016 Meeting)

Presentation by Dylan Simon, Insights and Trends in the Seattle Market:  2016 Seattle Apartment Market Study (April 2016)